5 Best Things About Sigma

Sigma is the astronomically powerful new Overwatch hero announced last month and recently released on the Public Test Server for players to try out. As it turns out, his abilities are completely out of this world. While it was hard to pick, through a bit of experimentation, we've determined the top five best things about Sigma.

Five Best Things About Sigma

1. Bouncing Balls

Do you like geometry? Then this is the tip for you. Sigma's gravity-ignoring hyper spheres bounce off of any surface they hit—excluding enemy heroes, of course. This means you can angle a shot to do damage to just about anyone, despite their hiding behind a corner.

2. He Creates His Own Armor

This one is a bit obvious, but still one of the cooler abilities this hero has. Sigma can absorb other enemy hero's projectiles and turn them into additional armor for himself using Kinetic Grasp. You might think this is a bit of a redundant ability, being a tank, but this just makes him all the more difficult to take down.

3. His Shield Goes on Forever

And we mean: Forever. You can send this guy's shield out into the sun if you want without even moving up on the map. This has a wide array of uses from allowing yourself to stay safe at the back of a push while still doing your job to enabling some serious damage protection to charging heroes or from close-range ultimates.

4. Crazy Crowd Control

Sigma is capable of an impressive amount of crowd control (CC). Not only does his shield allow for a great performance here, his ultimate is a literal CC dream. It allows him to lift players up—potentially off the objective—and destroys them on the ground. We all know what happens when no one is available to contest the point anymore.

5. He Can Eat Ultimates

This isn't exactly unique to Sigma, but it's still pretty cool. This hero can "eat" quite a few of his enemy's ultimates to nullify their effect. What makes this particular quirk neat is that he occasionally will spit out a witty one-liner relating to the hero whose ultimate he just consumed.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.