5 Best Top Laners in League of Legends 12.8

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Gamers are looking to find out the five best top laners in League of Legends Patch 12.8.

Top laners are known for being tanky or high damage champions that make use of the long lane to run down the enemy champions. They are typically attack damage or true damage dealers that need to have high survivability, high damage, or engages. Having a powerful top laner is important for the team as they can easily lead allied champions to victory.

With Patch 12.8, here is a list of the five best top laners in League of Legends.

5 Best Top Laners in League of Legends 12.8

1. Kayle

Kayle is first on our list of the five best top laners. Although she did not get buffed, she is a strong top laner that deserves more attention. She becomes incredibly powerful as she scales, making other top laners frustrated. Just keep in mind that Kayle will be weak early game.

2. Fiora

Fiora has the advantage in most 1v1 situations and scales well into the late game. She's a versatile champion that is extremely mobile which causes other top laners to have some trouble countering her. If players can master her abilities and play well to her strengths, she's an unstoppable force.

3. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is one of the most underrated top laners in the game. He is a great counter to the meta top laners. Tahm Kench is an outstanding choice for players looking for a champion that is tanky, deals lots of damage, and can crowd control enemy champions during team fights. Furthermore, he is getting a High Noon skin in the next patch.

4. Swain

Swain got a major update in Patch 12.8. More specifically, Riot's goal was to revive the champion as a whole. With mana buffs across all his abilities, changes to his crowd control capabilities, and longer-lasting Demonic Ascension (R), he is terrifying more than ever before.

5. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a popular pick right now as Patch 12.8 buffed his passive move speed. His abilities are unique and versatile because his Indestructible (W) allows him to store damage he deals and takes to create a shield. Arguably his best ability is his Realm of Death (R) that drags his victim to a different dimension where he steals a portion of their stats. If he succeeds in killing them, he keeps the stats until the opponent respawns.