League of Legends

5 Best Top Laners in League of Legends Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

While some League of Legends laners experienced drastic nerfs in Patch 12.14, some just became even tankier. Durable and able to carry a lane solo, a top laner's scale and team fights depend on their survivability and strength. We've listed our picks for the best top laners in Patch 12.14.


Darius can easily corner and whittle down an enemy’s HP, and with solo lane becoming more isolated we think he'll continue to harass top laners generally. He's a passive character who can take longer fights. As a reliable top laner, he's someone who can deal a lot of damage while also retaining mobility.


Wukong's getting an adjustment to his base HP regeneration, but his passive HP regeneration per stack decreased during Patch 12.14. Wukong's ability to become invisible and escape enemies makes him a fantastic choice to escape danger.


Sunfire got nerfed this patch, but Shen can also use Frostfire. With W cooldown and Shen's Flash/Ignite setup, it is easy to take advantage of short exchanges.


Fiora got a nerf, but she still has other tools that can keep her in the game. While her Goredrinker won’t be as strong as before, Fiora mains can use Divine Sunderer to tear through squishier enemy champs.


The durability patch was more profitable for some Champions than others. Gnar is one of those, and this slight nerf to overall HP should see him brought in line with the rest of the top lane. Base HP was changed from 580 to 540 and the HP regen per level was changed from 1.75 to 1.25.