5 Best Yone Counters in League of Legends

Yone is set to release soon, who should you pick to counter him?
Yone is set to release soon, who should you pick to counter him? | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Yone shares a similar ability set and play style as his brother, Yasuo. Based on his abilities and his likeness to Yasuo, there may be a few champs that could counter Yone.

These champs are the five best Yone counters in League of Legends.

5 Best Yone Counters in League of Legends

1 - Vladimir

Vladimir is one of the stronger mid laners and could prove a problem for Yone. Yone's passive depends on auto attacks and with Vladimir's sustain and his W ability which makes him untargetable, would make it difficult for Yone to land auto's or survive a longer fight.

2 - Zed

Arguably the best mid laner in the game, Zed is a powerful pick against Yasuo and will also be a powerful pick against Yone. Zed's ultimate, Death Mark, and his W ability, Living Shadow, serve as a gap closer and can be used as a way to punish Yone's E ability, Soul Unbound.

3 - Shen

Shen could be a sleeper counter pick to Yone and here's why. His taunt and shield cover Yone's abilities quite well. Yone is dependent on his auto attacks and gap closing ability. But Shen's shield blocks all auto attacks and his taunt minimizes Yone's escape options or gap closers.

4 - Annie

Annie is a good counter pick against Yasuo which will lend her some ability against Yone. Annie's shield and passive, which grants a stun after four spells are casted, could do major damage to Yone.

5 - Karthus

Karthus has continued to find success in the mid lane as of late. His ability to poke and remain a powerful option throughout the game makes him a strong pick. While Yone is an agile champ, Karthus' power should keep him as a viable counter to Yone.