The best Yuumi counters for League of Legends' newest champion are vital to learning how to play against the magical cat. Designed to be a Support with her core abilities focused around attaching to an allied champion, Yuumi will ride her Book into the bottom lane.

With elements similar to other champions like Lulu, Karma, Sona and Rakan, Yuumi will feel both familiar and novel to play as, with and against. For those who want to put out the cat, here are the five best Support champions to counter the kitty.

5. Lux

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Lux can provide shields with her Prismatic Barrier (W) to herself and her partner against Yuumi's Prowling Projectile (Q), giving the lane more security against the attack even while it is steered. Her Final Spark (R) ultimate can match damage against Yuumi's Final Chapter (R), and most crucially Lux's Light Binding (Q) can trap and bind Yuumi and her partner to catch both and set up for teammates.

4. Pyke

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Pyke can take advantage of the combined lane by pulling in both with a single Bone Skewer (Q). While his roaming is more limited as Yuumi can dominate the lane if left unattended, Pyke's Phantom Undertow (E) can stun the pair and he can abuse Yuumi's squishy health bar to set up for his Death From Below (R) ultimate to chain kills.

3. Nami

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Nami's Ebb and Flow (W) can help sustain through Yuumi's poke and trade damage, and her Aqua Prison (Q) and Tidecaller's Blessing (E) can slow and stun Yuumi and her attached partner. Nami's Tidal Wave (R) ultimate is also a reliable method of entrapping the opposing duo as their dodging is more limited.

2. Braum

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Befitting his place as one of the five best supports in the previous patch, Braum comes in at second as a strong force against the Magical Cat. Yuumi cannot tank and her inability to efficiently play split means that they are vulnerable to poking tanks with front-line presence. Braum can slow or stun Yuumi's partner and leave them both vulnerable to engages with Winter's Bite (Q) or Glacial Fissure (R). Crucially, his Unbreakable (E) can hold off Yuumi's Final Chapter (R) barrage, stymieing her biggest mid/late-game team-fight contribution.

1. Thresh

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Like Pyke, Thresh can hook in the paired duo with his Death Sentence (Q), but his extended crowd-control options that work against Yuumi's duo when together or apart gives him extra strength against them. His Flay (E) and The Box (R) abilities when paired with his ability to hard-engage off his Death Sentence (Q) and Dark Passage (W) combo means that a proactive Thresh can stomp Yuumi before her poke becomes a problem.

Cover image courtesy of Riot Games