5 Best Zeri Counters in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

We've detailed the five best counters for Zeri in League of Legends.

Zeri easily has one of the most broken passives in League of Legends, allowing her to gain movement speed when shielded and absorbing an enemy champion's shield if she damages it.

The best way to counter Zeri is to immobilize her. Zeri is a fast moving champion who can quickly execute champions before they have a chance to run away. Another technique is to try and not give her as many shields by engaging first and minimizing their use. Once Zeri is CCed, she should be squishy enough to take down before she has the chance to run.

Using tanky and sustainable engagers is a player's best bet when trying to stop the new and electrifying marksman.

5 Best Zeri Counters in League of Legends

1. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank can be a great counter against Zeri as he's able to engage by grabbing and stunning her. Blitzcrank can also be built tanky, which will allow him to survive long enough in a fight against her. Blitzcrank's ultimate also disables any shields, allowing another team member to take Zeri down before she can run away.

2. Rammus

Rammus is another great counter against Zeri as he has the ability to catch up to her, engage and survive. Creating a tanky Rammus seems to be one of the best ways to play against Zeri and can give the ally AD Carry a chance to damage her when stunned.

3. Rell

Rell's ability to take down enemy shields is extremely useful when playing against Zeri. Rell is a tanky support who can also deal a good amount of damage. She can quickly catch up to Zeri and stun her, giving her allies a chance to unload damage on Zeri.

4. Amumu

Tanky Amumu also has the potential to take down Zeri. His ability to stun his opponents, survivability and immobilize Zeri can be extremely useful when trying to stop her. Amumu won't need any shielding, giving Zeri an opportunity to shield, as he should be able to sustain damage.

5. Ashe

Finally, Ashe can be seen as a great counter champion to Zeri as her W can slow her down. Although Zeri's movement speed will be far greater than Ashe's, her slow can prove to be strong against this champion. Not only does Ashe's W slow her down, but can also be an excellent use of poke against Zeri.