5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 9.23

League of Legends Patch 9.23 is here, bringing in the much awaited preseason patch. There's a lot of changes to cover, so here are the biggest changes coming to the Rift in League of Legends Patch 9.23.

5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 9.23

5. New Support Items

Laning in the bottom lane just got a tiny bit more interesting. Support items are now weaker, but you no longer have to put gold into upgrading them, meaning you can now spend all of your gold on regular items so you can hit your power spikes sooner than later. Many champions also have a way of surviving much harsher matchups now that any support can use the relic shield proc, making it easier to sustain and make it through the lane phase.

4. Cloud Drake Changes

Cloud drake no longer gives movement speed in and out of combat anymore, but instead it gives cooldown reduction on ultimate abilities that ignore the cooldown reduction cap. For some champions like Elise, Nidalee or Jayce, this won't mean much. But for champions who used the presence of mind rune, or simply have powerful ultimates such as Senna, Soraka, Karthus or Xayah, this will be a huge pickup for them if they can stack it.

Dragon Souls

Dragon souls are collected when your team has killed four dragons and are permanent late game buffs with some useful effects. Though not overbearing buffs like Baron or Elder Drake, this will make it so a snowballing team with a lot of objective control will be able to end much easier with an added boost of power.

Kelptomancy is Gone

Ezreal mains everywhere are scrambling to search for a new rune now that Klepto has been removed from the game. The fact that a rune gave you sustain through random potions and increased gold per minute was rather unhealthy, and it should be noted Kleptomancy was only a healthy rune choice for one champion, and others who were taking it usually used it as a means of stabilizing an otherwise losing lane. Though the rune they replaced it with, "Omnistone" doesn't look much healthier.

1. Top Lane Changes

Top lane mains rejoice! In addition to a slew of changes that help top laners keep relevancy, they also decided to allow everyone's favorite tower charging krab to spawn twice. After killing "Shelly" the first time, she will respawn six minutes after her first time being killed, making it possibly use her twice in one game. A team that's already ahead will make great use of this, possibly breaking two or more turrets per game with this change. There are also the aforementioned top lane fixes that make it so solo laners will level up 2% faster than people sharing experience, which won't be a big deal in most games but in professional play, this means teleport plays will come a bit sooner once champions hit level six in the top lane.

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games