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5 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.1

Photo by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.1 has been released with some balance changes to the game. Patch 12.1 came with some nerfs and buffs to fan favorites like Kai'Sa, Galio, Seraphine and more.

Here are the five biggest changes in TFT Patch 12.1.

5 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.1

1. Morellonomicon Nerf

Morellonomicon True Damage burn was decreased from 2.5% a second to 2% a second. According to the offical Riot Games website, the choice to nerf the item was because "weakening the item we have the opportunity to adjust some of our champions balanced around maximizing its value",

2. Guardian Angel Nerf

The Guardian Angel item is one that can push and make powerful units a carry to any team. The change in the Guardian angel nerfs the health on revive from 400 to 250. This gives less time for a champion to heal back and attack.

3. Kai'Sa Nerf

Kai'Sa is a 5-cost champion that many love to add to their team mid-to-late game. The Kai'Sa nerf makes her more balanced in the game and doesnt make her too overpowered as she was previously.

4. Yordle Buff

Yordles are quite popular amongst TFT players but only early and mid-game. Late game, not many people seek to go 6 Yordles and gain the Veigar. All Yordle spawn odds were increased and 6 Yordle Mana Reduction was increased from 20% to 25%.

5. Imperial Buff

The changes to the Imperial trait were to make them more appealable for players. Its quite known as a "dead" trait but the developers want to change that. The Imperial trait has the potential to do a lot of damage. Imperial units gain bonus damage and the Imperial Tyrant Bonus Damage increased from 75/125 to 80/150%.