5 Biggest Needs for Fortnite in 2024

Here's the 5 biggest needs for Fortnite in 2024.
Here's the 5 biggest needs for Fortnite in 2024. / Epic Games

As 2023 comes to a close, the Fortnite community is looking ahead to some of the biggest needs for the Battle Royale in 2024.

Epic Games ended the year with a bang. Even after Fortnite OG took over the world, the Battle Royale kept producing new dream modes and collaborations in Chapter 5. From Family Guy cosmetics to LEGO Fortnite, Epic Games has delivered S-Tier content to close out 2023. With Fortnite's hype at an all-time high, there are a few ways Epic Games can continue the momentum in 2024.

Check out five things we need to see in Fortnite in the next year.

5 Biggest Needs for Fortnite in 2024

Here's the five biggest needs for Fortnite in 2024 to make the Battle Royale even better.

1. The Return of Fortnite OG

It goes without saying that Fortnite OG must return in 2024. The throwback season broke every player count record Fortnite had, and likely would have continued reaching new heights had Chapter 4 not ended. The inclusion of fan-favorite POIs, weapons, and skins from 2017 and 2018 brought an intoxicating nostalgia back to the Battle Royale.

Fortunately, Epic Games already confirmed the impending arrival of the OG map in the new year.

2. Siphon

How is Siphon still not back in Fortnite? The gameplay mechanic restored the shield/health of players after they successfully eliminated opponents in competitive playlists. Siphon made Arena and then Ranked stand out from pubs, and yet Epic Games removed the staple without warning or much explanation.

Epic Games has still yet to comment on the potential return of Siphon. Even though the decision was met with major public outrage, it has not returned in Fortnite Chapter 5.

3. More Live Events

Fortnite needs more live events in 2024. After going a full calendar year without one, Epic Games finally launched The Big Bang to close out Chapter 4, and it was a major success. The event not only featured a brief Eminem concert, but also introduced LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival,

Although it is hard to imagine there would be Fortnite live events to close out every upcoming season, there should at least be one to end Chapter 5. With Fortnite's player count at an all-time high, another live event would surely break the internet.

4. Nintendo Collaboration

Of all the iconic collaborations in Fortnite's tenure, there has never been a Nintendo collaboration. The addition of fan-favorite characters like Mario and Zelda would have players all across the world rushing to the Item Shop.

Recently, Epic Games stated that they have tried in the past to bring Nintendo characters to Fortnite and are still optimistic that the collaboration could happen in the future.

5. Fortnite Movie

A Fortnite movie has been teased for years, but has yet to come to fruition. After other successful video game adaptions, most recently Five Guys At Freddy's, it would not be so out of left field to see Fortnite lore play out on the big screen.