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5 Champions You Want To See Buffed in League of Legends Patch 11.8

Here are some champions that could benefit from a buff in this upcoming patch.
Here are some champions that could benefit from a buff in this upcoming patch. / Courtesy of Riot Games.

Here is a list of five champions that you might want to see buffed in the League of Legends upcoming patch 11.8 (hint: Katarina is definitely not on the list).

1. Taric

This is a champion that is difficult to buff, because of how powerful his ultimate ability is. Sometime in Season 7 or 9, developers noticed this, so most of Taric's abilities were nerfed and made him a rather weak pick in the bottom lane. Even if by a small number his shields are buffed, Taric might see a boost in popularity.

2. Aurelion Sol

Our favorite sassy dragon has a simple kit that limits who he is effective against, given that Aurelion Sol for the most part hovers around and hits people with stars. His win-rate suffers because of how particular his playstyle is, but something as simple as increasing the duration of his stun slightly or decreasing the cooldown of his ultimate in order to give him tools against burst assassins would come a long way.

3. Trundle

He may be the Troll King, but Trundle's kit does have a lot of potential. His win rate has been struggling since he is extremely reliant on auto-attacks. Most of the abilities on his kit are buffs to his stats, but if the slow of his pillar were to increase, players might see something different. Other than that, Trundle is simple: he just beats his opponents down with basic attacks, and this can only work against specific champions. Either a buff or a rework will help the Troll King be picked more often.

4. Kled

Who doesn't want to see a wild gun-toting Yordle who speaks like a Texan run amok the Summoner's Rift? To be fair, most players don't play Kled because of the unpredictability of Skaarl. If Skaarl could stay with Kled longer, he would be a champion that could be played more often.

5. Braum

The poro-doting Heart of Freljord, Braum is one of the few warden champions in League of Legends. He is meant to be a defensive tank that can lock down anyone who is coming, which is why a buff to his Stand Behind Me ability or a longer range on his Q ability would be more appealing to support mains who are accustomed to caster-type support champions.

These are only five out of the one hundred and fifty-eight champions the game has as of the writing of this article, what are other champions that you would add to this list?