League of Legends Patch 9.8 will be a sizable one, to say the least. From new skins to widespread balance changes, Patch 9.8 will see myriad effects on the game. Among that florid variety, here are the five that players want to see the most.

5. Continued Attention to ARAM

The changes to ARAM, specifically the introduction of bans and improved Summoner Spells specific to that mode, did much to improve its balance, uniqueness, and simple fun. Hopefully future regular attention will see the mode continue to flourish.

4. Improved Client

There are a few known truths: two plus two equals four, falling objects will be pulled to the planet's gravitational core, and the League of Legends client is buggy and uncooperative with its players. It's a regular talking point and will continue to be so until substantial changes are made.

3. Conqueror Alistar and Galaxy Slayer Zed

Solo queue players will likely dread more incentives to play tricky playmakers, but the Conqueror Alistar and Galaxy Slayer Zed skins are impressive enough that the loss of RP will be (mostly) an acceptable compromise.

2. Kayle Nerfs

Kayle has been a terror on the ladder since her rework and many players are clamoring for nerfs. The knocks against Kayle's stats and the change to her passive Divine Ascent specifically to prevent Kleptomancy abuse will hopefully help reign in the solo queue nightmare.

1. Invictus Gaming Worlds Skins

The skins commemorating the victory of Invictus Gaming at Worlds 2018 were revealed in their white-and-black glory to general approval and excitement. Their inclusion with Patch 9.8 will help bridge the gap between the end of the League of Legends Pro League and other regional leagues and the large international competition at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Images courtesy of Riot Games