5 Changes that Fans Want to See in Fortnite

With a new season comes hope for changes to the game.
With a new season comes hope for changes to the game. / Courtesy of Epic Games.

Everybody wants to see something different when it comes to improving their favorite game. With Season 6 of Fortnite now officially kicked off, gamers have the chance to see just what the developers have changed - and whether they listened to fans' concerns.

So, what exactly are the fans asking for? Well, everyone has their own opinion, but there does seem to a general consensus over a few points:

Map Changes

This always seems to be a big one. Some claim that the map has become too plain - that there's not enough variation in the terrain to make it any fun. While the map has been updated for Season 6 - with new locations and old locations side-by-side - again, there's not a huge variation of terrains like seen in previous seasons such as Season 1.

Vaulted and Un-vaulted Weapons

For Season 5, this was a big one with fans being upset about the Pump Shotgun being vaulted. As a popular weapon, gamers thought it was a little ridiculous to vault this weapon. However, Season 6 has brought along its own mess of vaulted and un-vaulted weapons - not to mention, new ones.


While certainly fun to collect, it seems the community believes that the novelty has worn off. When the introduction of a Marvel-based world, and then when the collaborations came, people saw it more as Epic Games running out of ideas to continue with Fortnite's original narrative. Not to mention, a few harsher critics have even accused it simply being a money-making scheme.

Upgrade Stations

Season 5 simply just did not have enough upgrade stations. While the bounty system and the introduction of gold bars were first brought out, people were happy to go along with it. However, as time went on it became clear that due to the lack of upgrade stations, players were forced to focus more on collecting the gold bars. This does seem to have been resolved somewhat however with the new Crafting feature - allowing players with the correct tools, to upgrade their own weapons.

Chest Spawns

For Season 2, there was a 100% rate of chest spawns across the map. Epic have gradually slashed that percentage. Now, Season 6 is upon us and while certain areas of the map definitely do seem to have a lot of chests popping up, we will have to wait and see if that trend continues.