5 Changes We'd Like to See in the Next Overwatch Update

Here are five changes we'd like to see in the next Overwatch update.
Here are five changes we'd like to see in the next Overwatch update. /

Overwatch's meta game is finally moving away from the GOATS compositions that have held it in a vice grip, but there will always be aspects that can be improved. Here are five changes we'd like to see in the next Overwatch update.

1. 2-2-2 Lock

Overwatch was designed, from the beginning, to be best played with a 2-2-2 composition: two damage heroes, two tanks and two healers. Rather than stay within that framework, players have pushed the game's boundaries by changing up the team composition formula. GOATS is the most prominent example of that boundary pushing.

As exciting as those innovations can be in the abstract, the reality is that a lack of a hero lock makes Overwatch overwhelmingly difficult to balance. A 2-2-2 lock would limit the variables the balance team needs to consider, thereby making for a healthier meta game.

2. Role Queue

Players frequently complain about being placed in games wherein their specialties are unable to shine simply because the matchmakers doesn't take it into account. When five healer specialists are placed on a single team in ranked, how can they hope to win their game?

Role queue would allow players to put forward their preferred position before queueing up, thereby eliminating the risk of such a problem.

3. Hero Bans

Hero bans at the start of each Overwatch match would allow the community to regulate the meta itself, again easing the burden on the Overwatch balance team. Bans would also introduce another layer of strategy to Overwatch, making it even more interesting.

4. Orisa Nerf

Bunker compositions built around Orisa have been rising in popularity, especially in the ranked queue. The strategy requires very little coordination among teammates, but requires supreme coordination to dislodge, creating an unhealthy imbalance.

Various top players have expressed a desire to see Orisa nerfed to reduce the popularity and power of this composition, either by taking the strength of her shield down or by changing Halt in some way.

5. More Answers to Crowd Control

Crowd control has become an oppressive force in Overwatch, with players as famous as Brandon "Seagull" Larned speaking out against it. While Blizzard has attempted to walk back some of the CC in the game, it remains a problem.

There are many possible solutions to crowd control — more cleansing abilities, fewer CC abilities, weaker CC — but many of them require in-depth work from Blizzard. Whatever it chooses, it should choose soon.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard