League of Legends Patch 9.13 expects to be interesting after Patch 9.12 came crashing in last week with major overhauls to many champions. Here are five changes that we don't want to see in the next patch, League of Legends Patch 9.13.

5. Gutting Champions

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

We know from the current PBE changes and Riot Meddler's post on 9.12 game balance that champions like Mordekaiser and Pyke are looking at some pretty serious nerfs in 9.13. Mord is a little too good in the top lane, and Pyke dominates the mid lane at all levels of play. Both champions need to be fixed, but we hope that they remain playable.

4. Breaking Akali

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Akali has proven to be incredibly hard for Riot to balance over the years. She always seems too strong or way too weak to be used. On the PBE, she's looking at some major retooling of her core damaging abilities, and high-level Akali players seem split as to whether these changes will help or hinder the champion.

3. Making Illaoi OP

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Speaking of uncertain changes, Illaoi is looking at a bit of a retooling to turn her into a much stronger teamfighter and pusher. Given her status as a lane bully, the proposed changes will either seriously help round out her kit, or they could push her into the realm of OP.

2. Qiyana Replacing Pyke in Mid

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Qiyana and Pyke fill a similar role from the middle lane; they're both high mobility AD assassins who look to burst down their laning opponent and roam frequently. There's nothing inherently wrong with the play style, but players have been dealing with it in every game for weeks at this point. Hopefully there's more to Qiyana's kit than going invisible and bursting down disabled enemies.

1. Teamfight Tactics Becomes Too Big a Priority

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Riot is a pretty large company at this point, and it's unlikely that they'll mismanage their attention between League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, but it's natural to wonder whether the auto chess formula is a fad or something that's here to stay. After all, Riot has put resources into game modes that never got off the ground before — does anyone remember Dominion?

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