5 Changes We Want in League of Legends Patch 10.1

League of Legends Season 10 is expected to begin in early January
League of Legends Season 10 is expected to begin in early January / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Season 10 is set to begin soon, and with it comes the first patch of the year. Another season of ranked and professional play will only be as interesting and dynamic as the patches that shape the game. With the next patch being the first of the year, let's start off on the right foot. Here are some changes we'd like to see in League of Legends Patch 10.1.

5. More Kassadin Nerfs

Kassadin has been a growing problem on the Rift since the Preseason began. Riot Games has nerfed him in the prior patch and has also more nerfs planed for 10.1, but the planned changes might not be enough.

4. Ardent Censor Nerf

Supports no longer have to pay for their support item upgrades, meaning they have more gold in their pockets for other things. This pushes up the support item power spike by a couple minutes. Ardent Censor is the strongest possible item spike for enchanter supports, meaning they can heal and shield for much more once obtaining this item. Allowing them to get it this early has made champions like Soraka and Nami unbearable from as early as the 15-minute mark.

3. A Vayne Buff

It's be a while since Vayne has been relevant in the game's meta. There was a time in Season 9 when she was one of the better AD Carries, but she's fallen a bit by the way side. The meta is never stale when a champion like Vayne is popular. Perhaps a few buffs can be thrown her way to make her an enticing pick again.

2. Omnistone?

This rune has been stuck in limbo for quite sometime, and seeing as this rune is replacing Kleptomancy, it has big shoes to fill. Kleptomancy was removed because Riot deemed it's nature was unhealthy to the game. It often used a crutch for weaker early game champions, allowing them to scale faster than they naturally should. Champs such as Kayle, Vladimir, and Ezreal were the main culprits of this. However, once it was removed, anyone who used Klepto simply moved on to the reworked Conqueror, which can be pretty much be ran on anyone that deals damage. and is arguably no better for the game than Kleptomancy. And where is Omnistone? Well, it's not really ran on anyone, really. It's not clear what should be done about this rune, but maybe removing it entirely is a decent option that a few players wouldn't be opposed to.

1. A Fix to Support Items (Again)

A Korean strategy revolving around ADCs running support items instead of the traditional starting items has been surfacing. Basically, they don't last hit as many minions in lane, and poke the enemy laners down instead. This is not how the support itemization changes were intended for use. If Riot can't find a way to fix support items soon, they might have to revert them the way they used to work, meaning that an ally must be nearby in order for the support item passive to work.