League of Legends Patch 9.15 is a bit of a mystery, with Patch 9.14 bringing a large number of changes Tuesday to the game. It is difficult to think about what we want from the next patch already, but here are five potential changes that would be great to implement in Patch 9.15.

1. Bug Fixes

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Currently the game has a lot of small bugs distracting players from the actual game play. This is understandable, with the new patch being so large, but we would love to see some improvements.

2. More Teamfight Tactics Quality of Life Changes

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is still in its beta stage so small things life quality of life changes are not the main focus at this point in time. Yet, the game is doing a lot better than when it first came out and we would like to see this trend continue.

3. More Connection Between League and TFT

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The connection between the two games is that they share the same characters and client. We would like to see a little more to this like quests that reward you for trying the other game, or a reward in the game you are already playing.

4. Continuation of Countering Mechanics

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

In recent patches, Riot has been talking about their decision to have certain champions counter annoying abilities like shielding, healing, and mobility. These changes might be very good for the game ans we would like to see them continue.

5. The PROJECT Skins

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

We got to see a quick preview of the PROJECT skins in the release trailer and they are on the PBE already so we hope that they will be available for purchase when Patch 9.15 hits live servers.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games