5 Changes We Want in Valorant Patch 3.03

Photo by Riot Games

The five changes we want in Valorant Patch 3.03 are a lot similar to what we wanted in Patch 3.02, but but you can't always get what you want. With limited Agent balancing or weapons changes since Episode 3's launch, many are eager to see changes implemented, whether it's with firearms or with utility.

Here are the five changes we want in Valorant's next patch.

5 Changes We Want in Valorant Patch 3.03

1. KAY/O Balancing

This seems to be the major request from the Valorant player base, and something the devs have already teased. While many don't want to nerf KAY/O into oblivion, but some tweaks to how he works are definitely needed. His unique suppression ability has already carved a unique niche for KAY/O, all that's needed right now is some balancing.

2. Better Optimization

This has consistently been mentioned by fans of Valorant. While Valorant runs quite well on lower end computers, high-end PCs don't seem to get much benefit as they should. While it isn't as major as other requests, it's something that benefits everyone in the long run.

3. Bug Fixes

This one is self-explanatory. The game's development team is good at tracking bugs, and eliminating them, so getting rid of some of the more annoying glitches is definitely something players can expect to be resolved.

4. Replay System

Another much desired feature from our previous list, but don't expect it to make an appearance anytime soon. The dev team hasn't even confirmed a replay system in the works, much less close to being released to the player base.

5. Server Fixes

Going through the Valorant subreddit's bug thread, the amount of players reporting game crashes, and being unable to join the game is concerning. If players struggle to consistently play the game, Valorant might suffer for it. It might be harder than the other requests, but it's sure to have a more profound impact.