5 Cheap Games That Take up Little Space on Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners who prefer to download their games digitally all have the same complaint: there's not enough space on my console without upgrading the available memory.

For a console that's promoted to be taken on the go, especially with the new Lite model, there needs to be a list of games that, for the price, are worth it in terms of file size.

Here are five cheap games on the Nintendo Switch store worth checking out that don't take up that much memory space.

5 Cheap Games That Don't Take up Space on Your Nintendo Switch

5. UNO - $5.99 (2.4 GB)

The popular card game is available on the Nintendo Switch for the low price of $5.99. It'll only take 2.4 gigabytes on your console, which is the biggest file on the list.

4. Stranger Things 3: The Game - $9.99 (811 MB)

Things aren't already in Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things 3: The Game is only $9.99 on the Nintendo store right now. The best part? It's only 811 megabytes.

3. Jeopardy - $9.99 (596 MB)

Who doesn't love a good game of Jeopardy? Nintendo Switch has its own version which Ubisoft released alongside Wheel of Fortune. For many, these shows bring back childhood memories of watching them at night. You can pick up Jeopardy digitally for $9.99 and only 596 MB of storage.

2. Super Arcade Soccer - $4.89 (236 MB)

Looking for a cheaper alternative to FIFA? Look no further than Super Arcade Soccer. It's only $4.89 and it takes up a minor 236 MB of space.

1. Undertale - $9.99 (211 MB)

If you haven't played Undertale, chances are you've heard someone rave about how amazing it is. The RPG from developer Toby Fox is available on Switch for $9.99. It only takes up 211 MB so if you've been hesitant in the past, now's the time to pick it up.

Disclaimer: Prices affected by sales as of Sept. 10

Photo courtesy of Nintendo