5 Dream Collaborations for Fortnite in 2024

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Sao Paulo, Brazil / Buda Mendes/TAS23/GettyImages

After Epic Games' recent fan-favorite crossover with Family Guy, we compiled a list of our five dream collaborations for Fortnite in 2024.

Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down in 2024. Epic Games already confirmed the return of Fortnite OG, as well as permanent new game modes LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival. Although they have kept any major upcoming collaborations under wraps for Chapter 5 and beyond, it goes without saying that big additions to the Item Shop are on their way in 2024.

Check out some of our dream collaborations for Fortnite throughout the next year.

5 Dream Collaborations for Fortnite in 2024

Here's our five dream collaborations for Fortnite in 2024.

1. Nintendo

Nintendo has somehow never partnered with Epic Games to bring fan-favorite characters like Mario and Zelda to Fortnite. Although there have been plenty of talks and rumors, none have ever come to fruition. The crossover remains the white whale of Fortnite.

Everyone has their own dream collaboration for Fortnite, but Nintendo characters invading the island just might be the one we can all agree on.

2. One Piece

One Piece is just about the only major anime Epic Games has not officially featured in Fortnite. Besides a One Piece Creative map, the series never received a proper collaboration like Dragon Ball or My Hero Academia.

With the recent renewal of One Piece on Netflix, though, perhaps we could see the stars of the series come to the island next year. After all, Epic Games is known for bringing dream skins to the game to celebrate and promote new releases.

3. Taylor Swift

As the most famous person in the world, Taylor Swift is the epitome of a "dream" collaboration in Fortnite. There have been plenty of musical icons in the Battle Royale, including The Weeknd, Eminem, and Ariana Grande, but Taylor Swift is in a league of her own.

Bringing Taylor Swift to Fortnite opens up a few crazy possibilities, like somehow getting her Eras Tour concert in a Fortnite live event.

4. Barbie

Speaking of female icons, Barbie would have been the perfect addition to Fortnite this summer. Not only did the film break records and earn multiple award-nominations, but it truly took over the world and mainstream culture.

With how successful female skins typically are in Fortnite, we could see Barbie doing insane numbers in the Item Shop.

5. Winter Solider (Marvel)

Although plenty of Marvel crossovers already exist in Fortnite, the Winter Solider never found his way to the Battle Royale. Even though Captain America: The Winter Solider came out nine years ago, the film is arguably still one of the best Marvel movies of all time.

With the recent addition of the OG Black Widow skin to Fortnite during Fortnite OG, the demand for new Marvel skins increased tenfold. The Winter Solider is the perfect fit for the next Marvel crossover.