5 Heroes Who Should Get an Overwatch Halloween Terror Skin This Year

5 heroes who should get an Overwatch Halloween Terror skin this year has been a topic of conversation every year around this time. With the Halloween Terror event looming, players seem to find themselves asking: "does Reaper really need a third scary skin?" and "Aren't there heroes who are more deserving of a skin for this event?"

Here's our top five heroes who should be getting an Overwatch Halloween Terror skin this year.

5 Heroes Who Should Get an Overwatch Halloween Terror Skin

1. Brigitte

Brigitte is already pretty scary without the Terror skin—even with her new nerf. Something that could be interesting would be playing with her character concept of being a protector. With Reinhardt succumbing to the Terror as "Coldhardt", only Brigitte stands to turn the tide against the darkness. "Vampire Hunter" Brigitte, anyone?

2. Winston

Winston is a difficult character to give a spooky Halloween skin to. There's not a lot you can do with a giant gorilla, and that's understandable, but there's one idea we haven't seen explored with the Overwatch Terror skins. What about "Werewolf" Winston? His body type is perfect and he's already basically covered in fur. Or perhaps a giant vampire bat? Why not?

3. Genji

Genji is another character who we've yet to see be given a Halloween Terror skin. It's baffling, really, because there's a lot the creative team could do with both Genji and Hanzo in regards to Japanese mythology. That aside, however, there is a more kitschy idea: "Budget Ninja" Genji. What if the team dresses Genji in one of those dime-store ninja costumes? This might seem lame, but we already have "Spider" Widowmaker—so it could happen.

4. Lúcio

Lúcio's hair has tons of options for the Halloween Terror event. The tentacle-like nature of his dreads could morph into some great plays on scary myths and horror stories. What about "Medusa" Lúcio with a head of snakes or "Lovecraftian" Lúcio similar to "Cultist" Zenyatta? Cults tend to grow, don't they? The team could event take a more pirate angle and channel something akin to "Davy Jones."

5. Tracer

Why doesn't the face of the entire franchise have a Halloween Terror skin? There's bound to be a million ideas of what to do with Tracer for this event. Play on her speed with "Zombie" Tracer? Good old-fashioned "Extra Terrestrial" Tracer? Come on, Blizzard, throw us a bone, here!

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment