5 Lamest Overwatch Skins of All Time

Here are the five lamest Overwatch skins of all time.
Here are the five lamest Overwatch skins of all time. /

On the whole, Overwatch skins are of an impressive quality. Every event, the developer manages to churn out beautiful and hilarious skins by the handful with remarkable consistency. Still, the game has its duds. Here are the five lamest Overwatch skins of all time.


5. Andes Lúcio

Let it be known from the start of this article that none of these skins is flat out ugly. Blizzard's art team is too good for that. What they often are, and what Andes Lúcio is, is disappointing. Andes Lúcio just has the character throw on a boring turquoise outfit and hat and call it a day. Not quite the festive look fans might hope for from a character as ebullient as Lúcio.


4. Frogston

Frogston is a poor match for the character wearing it. Looking almost like a Talon or Blackwatch outfit without any of the style, Frogston pretty much just pours black paint on Winston's standard outfit and sends him out into the world. The lack of contrast leaves this skin without a pop.


3. Null Sector Orisa

While Null Sector Orisa brings a satisfying lore twist after its appearance in the "Honor and Glory" animated short, the skin itself is only OK. What makes it truly lame, however, is its pricing. Where Null Sector Bastion is only Epic, costing 250 credits, Null Sector Orisa is a full price, 1,000-credit Legendary despite the two skins having about an equal level of detail. That's the lore tax, I guess.


2. Lightning Tracer

This skins isn't so bad when viewed from the chin down. The colors are only mildly off-putting, and the text on Tracer's leg could almost be cool in the right light. The problem is her absolute mess of a mohawk. Tracer just wasn't meant to be blonde, and this skin proves it without a doubt.


1. Frosted Zarya

Frosted Zarya is nigh unto a slap in the face for Zarya fans. Her skins have historically been among Overwatch's worst, so when Blizzard handed out this absolutely somnolent effort it hurt twice as badly. The skin is almost exactly the same as Dawn, an Epic skin Zarya shipped with. The only major difference is a light dusting of snow on Zarya's head because, you know, winter, or something.

Just a shame, really.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard