5 League of Legends Skin Universes Which Need More Cosmetics

5 League of Legends Skin Universes Which Need More Cosmetics
5 League of Legends Skin Universes Which Need More Cosmetics / Riot Games

League of Legends is making waves with the announcement of the Mecha Kingdoms Skins coming very early next year to the game, promising an interesting blend of traditional Southeast Asian cultural imagery with the ground-shattering science fiction flare of giant mechanized humanoids going to war with monsters.

While we've already done an article covering all the information we currently have on those skins, League has plenty of other amazing skin universes with striking visuals and amazing lore. Here's a look at five skin universes we'd love to see more skins for.

1. Gun Goddess/Bullet Angel

Launching last year as the most recent Ultimate Skin for Miss Fortune, the Gun Goddess/Bullet Angel skin universe, colloquially called the EXO Wars universe, involves high flying bounty hunters and space pirates battling it out for supremacy with the help of sleek exo-suits that allow them to zip through the air and come equipped with vicious arm cannons. GG Miss Fortune, and her counterpart Bullet Angel Kai'Sa, are both skins loaded with flair and it'd be amazing to revisit this world of interstellar contract killing. Bullet Angel Jhin, anyone?

2. Coven

With all its talk of Watchers in the Void and Ancient, corrupted demigods, the League of Legends world practically feels meant for gothic horrror. Last year, summoners got a little taste of that that could look like with the Coven skin universe. Consisting of twisted, forest-like imagery and enough creepy antlers to make Lovecraft himself shiver a little, the current members of this skin universe fit perfectly within it, as Camille, Lissandra, and Leona are all stoic women who exude an eerie calm that's almost unsettling with the added aesthetic of these skins. It would be amazing to see Riot add more of their femme fatale to the linup.

3. Toybox

We don't even need to justify this. The first time you saw someone with the Renektoy or Moo Cow Allistar skins walk into lane, you laughed... and you know you did. Pug'maw makes an initially unexpected but worthwhile addition to this skin universe, and it's always nice to see Riot take its much-loved champions a little less seriously. I wonder who else could make the jump from Champion of Runeterra to glorified action figure.

4. Super Galaxy

I'm convinced that every single Rumble Player owns this super galaxy skin. For awhile, I almost thought this was his Classic look! Either way, the Super Galaxy skins are a mainstay staple of the League of Legends community, and have since gone on from Rumble to give equally-great skins to Shyvanna, Fizz, Elise, Annie, Gnar, and Nidalee. We need more of these!

5. Omega Squad

SOCOM: Navy Seals meets that one movie you watched on a plane as a kid once, G-Force. We've heard countless tales of the elite Yordle special forces, largely though the bios of Teemo and Tristana. As it turns out, this concept translated very well into a skin universe, allowing us to see spec-ops variants of some of our favorite yordle champions.