5 Most Broken Weapons at Launch in Fortnite

The Infinity Blade was arguably the most overpowered Fortnite weapon of all time.
The Infinity Blade was arguably the most overpowered Fortnite weapon of all time. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games has introduced a variety of new weapons to Fortnite over time, and a few of them have been broken at launch. As is the case for most developers of competitive multiplayer games, the act of balancing the elements of a new update can at times be challenging.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is set to arrive on March 16. It will be introducing a new single-player narrative experience, Zero Crisis Finale, alongside the launch of Season 6. Epic Games will also be updating Fortnite's battle royale mode, which could mean that new weapons are on their way. As has happened a few times in Fortnite history, Epic Games may introduce another overpowered weapon to the game. The following list takes a look back at the five most broken weapons at launch in Fortnite.

5 Most Broken Weapons at Launch in Fortnite

Infinity Blade

Everyone seems to remember the Infinity Blade, perhaps the most broken weapon at launch in Fortnite of all time. The sword was found at Polar Peak, lodged in a stone, and players had to interact with the item for five continuous seconds in order to obtain it. Although it was a short ranged weapon, its excessive damage output and passive healing effects made it massively overpowered. The developers at Epic Games eventually realized that they had created an unstoppable monster and decided to vault the weapon.

Light Saber

The Light Saber, a Star Wars crossover weapon, was first introduced during Live at Risky, the first live event of Chapter 2. Light Sabers came in four different colors, blue for Rey, purple for Mace Windu, green for Luke Skywalker, and red for Kylo Ren, and all types dealt the same amount of damage. With Light Sabers, players could block around 30 bullets at a time before being knocked back and not being able to block again for three seconds. It was this mechanism that seemed to frustrate the Fortnite community the most.

Guided Missile

The Guided Missile was overpowered at launch because it allowed players to freely control its missiles and guide them to unsuspecting opponents. Epic Games eventually decided to vault the weapon because the Fortnite community complained that it was too broken. It was the first item to ever be unvaulted in the game, but was eventually vaulted again.

Drum Gun

With a weapon boasting the power of a rifle, while at the same time offering the fire rate of an SMG, it is easy to see why the Drum Gun was so overpowered. It was even more powerful than the LMG. Due to it being able to take down enemies in short- to mid-range combat with ease, Epic Games eventually decided to vault the weapon and its mythic variants.


Also known as the Compact SMG, the P90 was an overpowered weapon that could be obtained from supply drops, henchmen, vault chests, and upgrade benches. After its initial release, word quickly spread throughout the Fortnite community of how powerful it was, and Epic Games eventually had to step in to nerf the weapon. The weapon was last vaulted during Patch 13.2.