5 Most Creative Valorant Skins

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant has an incredible cache of skins that are all extremely unique and creative. The skin lines that have been released over the last year of the game's lifespan have brought in a lot of money and for good reason. Valorant has created skins for every player's taste, although some skins do stand out from the others in a major way.

5 Most Creative Valorant Skins

These are the top five most creative skins in Valorant (all videos credit to The Forge: Valorant Skins channel on YouTube).

5. Prime 2 Knife

The Prime 2 Knife was one of the most anticipated skins to come to the game, as it is modeled after the Karambit knife, popularized from its' place in CS:GO. After the knife was put into the game, many players were disappointed to realize that the famous spin animation of the Karambit was gone after the knife was upgraded, making it one of the only skins in the game that most players prefer to not be fully upgraded with Radianite.

4. BlastX Odin

This skin, along with a lot of the BlastX skins, are very much loved by fans. Allowing players to look back on most of their childhoods playing with Nerf guns, this weapon gives a sense of nostalgia. This gun in that bundle specifically is incredibly unique, as it has the feel and sound of a nerf gun, but the incredible size of a bulky LMG, giving it a very weird but interesting look.

3. Go Volume 1 Knife

This knife is incredibly unique due to the look and animation it has. It has the same makeup of the knives of the ultimate of Jett, and its' pullout animation is one of the most satisfying of all the melees. It is a style and animation set different from every other knife, making it one of the most unique items in the game.

2. Celestial Melee

This knife again is the most unique singular knife skin in all of Valorant. Most of the other knives are spins on real life knives, or at least all look like knives and swords. However, the Celestial Melee is a blunt force object to attack enemies with, as a closed fan. Its' inspect is really interesting, as the player fans themselves off, and then can bash someone over the head with the bull bust on top of the fan.

1. Elderflame

Taking the title of the most unique skin in Valorant is the entire Elderflame skin line. There is no one skin in this set that feels anything less than incredibly unique, and that is mostly due to one thing; the fact that all of these weapons skins are alive. The guns fire from the mouths of the dragons, and they hold onto the magazines with their arms. This set of skins are like nothing seen in Valorant yet, and it may never be seen again. This was one of the earliest major drops in terms of skins, and is still to this day the most unique and fun skin set in Valorant.