5 Most Destructive Heroes in Overwatch

These are the five most destructive heroes in the Overwatch roster.
These are the five most destructive heroes in the Overwatch roster. /

Overwatch heroes aren't exactly a subtle bunch. Just watch any game of Overwatch and you'll see them smashing fences and blowing each other up over and over with no regard for private property. But some rise above the rest with their destructive powers. Here are the five most destructive heroes in Overwatch.

5. Bastion

Most of the time, Bastion is pretty tame, as far as killer robots go. Just don't make him angry — when this particular Omnic flies into Tank Mode, his ultimate ability, the blasts from his cannon can lay waste to players and environments alike.


4. D.Va

D.Va's base kit does give her Micro Missiles that can pockmark a player or wall as she finds necessary, but her true destructive potential comes from her ultimate. Self Destruct is the single most powerful explosion in Overwatch, obliterating enemies in an instant.


3. Doomfist

Doomfist may not wield explosives, but that doesn't stop him from constantly smashing Overwatch environments. His Seismic Slasm rends the ground to pieces, and his Rocket Punch makes enemy-shaped holes in the wall. Above all, however, is his Meteor Strike lives up to its name by forming massive craters when it comes crashing down. Look no further than the trashed Numbani airport for a demonstration of his destructive abilities.


2. Pharah

The Rocket Queen herself, even Pharah's basic attacks wreak devastation across Overwatch's maps. But the damage doesn't end there: her Rocket Barrage is one of the most explosive in Overwatch, making her a true master of destruction.


1. Junkrat

Jamison Fawkes is, truly, an absolute madman. He worships destruction, especially when it comes in the form of explosives, and his kit reflects his madness. The standard Junkrat grenade, the Concussion Mine, and of course the Rip-Tire are all spectacular weapons of mayhem, but Junkrat's commitment runs beyond death. After dying, his aptly named Total Mayhem drops even more grenades to blow up enemies. Even in death, he must destroy.

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Photos courtesy of Blizzard