5 Most Iconic Super Mario Soundtracks

Let's look at the five most iconic Super Mari o soundtracks, starting from the very beginning.
Let's look at the five most iconic Super Mari o soundtracks, starting from the very beginning. / Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

The five most iconic Super Mario soundtracks. It's Mario Day, and we'll be looking at the five most iconic soundtracks in this franchise. As old of a franchise as Super Mario is, it's created a ton of iconic soundtracks over the years. But which five are the most memorable?

5 Most Iconic Super Mario Soundtracks

1. Main Theme

Yea, the most iconic soundtrack couldn't have been anything else. Anybody who has even a small experience with Nintendo games should instantly recognize this theme. It rightfully takes its place as the most legendary soundtrack in the Super Mario franchise.

2. Overworld Theme

This amazing soundtrack from Super Mario World is enough to put a smile on almost any gamers face. The first couple of notes are some of the most recognizable in gaming, and the adventurous medley and tune truly embody the Super Mario franchise.

3. Super Star Theme

Ah, the Super Star. This power-up in Mario is one of the strongest, as it essentially makes him invincible. It also happens to come with its own terrific theme song. Players who hear this soundtrack instantly know there's one thing to do. Go forth and terrorize those goombas.

4. Super Mario Galaxy Main Theme

Super Mario Galaxy, one of the most popular and iconic games of the Nintendo Wii of course has an iconic soundtrack to boot. Honestly, there are so many great soundtracks here, including Gusty Gardens, but the main theme for this game just hits on a different level. It truly encapsulates the wonder kids had as they saw Mario go to space for the first time, and earns its place on this list.

5. Bob-Omb Battlefield

The first level in the beloved Super Mario 64 game has a terrific soundtrack to boot. As the first 3D Mario game, the first level and first impression was of utmost importance. And not only did the level kick ass, but the now-iconic soundtrack also had us all bopping our heads.