5 Most Popular Guns in Warzone Season 4

Here are the top five most popular guns in Warzone Season 4.
Here are the top five most popular guns in Warzone Season 4. / Photo courtesy of Activision

The five most popular guns in Warzone Season 4 should be no surprise for Call of Duty gamers who've spent a lot of time in Verdansk.

After Raven Software's latest weapon balancing patch, it feels like there's finally more variety and an almost level playing field in the Season 4 meta with the CR-56 AMAX receiving yet another nerf. Here are the top five most popular guns that the community has been using so far in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4.

5 Most Popular Guns in Warzone Season 4

5. Kar98k

Remaining the king of snipers, despite the Swiss K31 continuing to rise as a dark-horse contender, the Kar98k is the overwhelming favorite of aggressive high-risk, high-reward sharpshooters who enjoy deleting heads in style.

4. XM4

For those still wanting to stick with the double AR class setup, the XM4 has become the go-to close range option that the FFAR 1 used to be. Receiving a damage multiplier buff despite already being a popular gun among some of Warzone's most competitive players, the XM4 will only continue to become a mainstay in loadouts.

3. CR-56 AMAX

After handing the CR-56 AMAX its third damage multiplier nerf, it's clear that Raven Software wants to shake things up. However, the CR-56 AMAX still deserves a top spot in the popularity rankings as it will probably take some time for more players to finally let go of their long-beloved primary assault rifle for the Krig 6 or FARA 83.

2. MP5 (BOCW)

While there are plenty of outstanding SMGs nowadays, such as the MAC-10, LC10, or the newly buffed Milano, the Black Ops Cold War MP5 appears to finally be getting the attention it deserves. Once you get used to its recoil, the damage this gun puts out is so rewarding.

1. MG 82

Judging by the endless YouTube videos, Tweets and Reddit comments dedicated to how overpowered the new MG 82 LMG is, it's safe to say that the gun is the hottest weapon to use in Verdansk right now. Feel free to test it out in all its glory before it receives its incoming nerf.