5 Overwatch Skins That Should Be in the Game

The latest All-Star skins are some of the best yet in Overwatch. There are thousands of fan made skins that deserve to be part of the game. Here are just five of them.

1. Masquerade Moira

Made by aytheta
Made by aytheta / MinuteMedia

Moira is the perfect hero to don a Venetian mask and cloth. She has the elegance, flamboyance, and poise of a person ready for a Masquerade ball. Overall Masquerade Moira would be a very fitting skin.

2. Shark D.Va

Made by That French Guy
Made by That French Guy / MinuteMedia

A Shark mech for D.Va? That would be amazing! D.Va has many different skins for her mech, but none of them have been anthropomorphic so far. Pilot D.Va could have a scuba skin, but a Shark mech, or a mech of any animal, would be a unique addition to her wardrobe.

3. Ghosthunter Mei

Made by ecchima
Made by ecchima / MinuteMedia

The word "Ghostbusters" is probably copyrighted, but the concept of a ghost hunting skin for Mei fits very well with her character. A gun connected to a backpack is a staple of ghost hunting media, so Mei already has that box checked.

4. Sengoku Ashe & BOB

Made by zoma phamoz
Made by zoma phamoz / MinuteMedia

Ashe is an interesting character to make sins for because her partner in crime B.O.B will need one too. Skins made for duos work well for these two. This stunning skin has the two in colorful Japanese clothing, and Ashe's weapons can be altered to fit the time period too.

5. SS Wrecking Ball

Made by dango chain
Made by dango chain / MinuteMedia

All aboard the SS Wrecking Ball! A Wrecking Ball skin where Hammond is the sailor in his own little battleship or submarine would be quite a fun cosmetic.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment