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5 Overwatch Workshop Modes to Try

Here are five Overwatch Workshop modes to test out yourself.

The Overwatch Workshop is a world of exciting and creative game modes to explore. Here's your primer on five games with which to start your journey.

1. Last Man Bouncing by KevlaR and JinkoNorray

Last Man Bouncing's Super Smash Bros. influence is clear, but Overwatch Workshop veterans KevlaR and JinkoNorray take that influence and make something unique. This mode pits Reinhardts against one another in a free-for-all to knock each other off the map.

Try it here.

2. Battleship — Kaboom! by Jao

Battleship — Kaboom! twists Overwatch into a recreation of the classic board game Battleship. Players deploy their ships on a board, then take turns shooting in the dark to sink their opponent's.

Try it here.

3. You Move, You Die by DragonKnight

You Move, You Die was a Custom Games staple before the Workshop arrived in Overwatch. Now it's a Workshop institution. One team of seekers searches the map for their opponents, the runners, who must reach the Seeker's spawn room without being caught moving. Different heroes have different abilities, adding depth to an already fun game mode.

Try it here.

4. Star Fox 64 by GhibliOmatiC

One of the most ambitious Overwatch recreations so far belongs to GhibliOmatiC: Star Fox 64 dogfights entirely in Overwatch. Players can barrel roll, fire homing missiles and somersault in this impressive game mode.

Try it with this code: Y7HAM.

5. Uno by Florens

For a good old fashioned fun time, it's hard to beat Uno. So why not bring the classic card game to Overwatch? Florens continues to improve this adaptation, ironing out the kinks to make a truly professional Workshop mod.

Try it here.

Photo courtesy of Overwatch