5 Pop Culture Icons Who Need to Have a Fortnite Skin

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Pop culture and Fortnite have become intertwined through the last few years. Most notably, rapper Travis Scott, one of the biggest names in music, performed an in-game concert last year, and collaborations with other notable figures in and outside of gaming community have played a big part in the development of Fortnite and Epic Games. As such, here are five pop culture icons we'd love to see integrated into the game with their own unique Fortnite skin.

1. Drake

As of right now, Drake is the biggest rapper in the world. While he is known globally for his music, he is also a video game lover. Back in 2018, he was seen on a Twitch live stream playing duos with Ninja. A Drake collab would be epic; hopefully we get one!

2. LeBron James

Lebron is easily the most well-known athlete in all of America and the most popular basketball player in the world. Along with sports, he has started his own media and production companies and is the star of the upcoming Space Jam movie. His skin would be so fun to use.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is by far the biggest athlete in the world. Scratch that, he is perhaps the most popular person in the world. He is the most followed person in the world on Instagram and arguably the best soccer player in the world. With such worldwide fame, millions would love this skin -- not to mention the cool emotes we would get from him.

4. Beyoncé

This might be a wild take, but come on, it’s Beyoncé. Travis Scott’s concert brought in 12 million viewers; you would be lying if you say you wouldn’t tune in to watch Beyoncé perform on Fortnite. She’s loved everywhere, and her skin would look so cool.

5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died tragically last January, but his legacy still lives on. He invested in Epic Games in 2019, which means it would only make sense for him to be in Fortnite in some capacity. Adding a Kobe skin to the game, or at the least just his jersey, would be awesome.

These are some of the biggest names in pop culture that should get a skin in Fortnite. Hopefully one of these stars gets one!