Sometimes memes are just a tragic truth. It's easier to handle pain when you're laughing through it. And PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has plenty of problems that you need to hide behind humor to get through.

Here are five PUBG Xbox memes that hit too close to home.

1. Fortnite is Some Strange Love Child

When Fortnite first hit the scene, no one expected it to last or to make as big of a splash as it did. Boy, was most of the gaming community wrong. Fortnite not only became the most popular battle royale game, but the most popular game on the planet. PUBG will always remain the original.

2. What Does PUBG Do?

It was clear that Fortnite was Epic Game's version of a battle royale and it was going to copy everything that PUBG made. The problem is they did things better, so should PUBG Corp look to bring legal action or copy the better mechanics? They did both.

3. PUBG Still Not Optimized

PUBG is still not optimized. With how smoothly Fornite runs and how great Apex Legends was at launch, PUBG has become a joke when it comes to gameplay. Fans are just waiting for the day it will all be fixed.

4. Still One of the Worst Parts of PUBG

Let's be real, the best and worst part about PUBG is the slow build, and grind of each game. It's what separates it from the rest of the games in the genre. However, there is nothing more frustrating then landing hot, making it out alive with great loot and dying to a camper later in the game.

5. Dying in PUBG

Let's be honest. There are only certain ways you die in PUBG and it's usually not your fault. Whether it's glitches or bugs, rubberbanding or the map not loading, PUBG is one of the most frustrating games to play. And that's why we love it.