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5 Rarest Warzone Operator Skins

Ghost is among the most popular operators, making his skins highly coveted.
Ghost is among the most popular operators, making his skins highly coveted. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Over the years, Activision has overseen the release of dozens of Operator skins for Warzone. Some have been prized for their efficacy in battle — even bemoaned for how hard they are to see, giving players who shells out some cash a distinct in-game advantage and requiring balance changes — but others are special for how uncommon they are. These skins aren't always the flashiest or the most practical, but their rarity makes them sought-after wonders. Here are the five rarest Operators in Warzone.

1. True Victory

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The True Victory skin for D-Day dresses him in blue clothing and a black vest. The headband around his forehead bears the word "victory." To get the skin, players had to have unlocked D-Day by completing part of the Modern Warfare campaign, then buy a Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel can that had a code that could be redeemed for the skin.

2. The Woodsman

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This skin for Wyatt was a PlayStation exclusive, bundled into the Warzone Combat Pack from Season 3. That PlayStation connection makes a lot of sense, as the look of the skin is very much reminiscent of Joel, one of the most important characters in the PlayStation-exclusive Last of Us franchise. PlayStation Plus users also received the skin for free.

3. Snow Force & Solstice

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Snow Force dresses Bale up in winter wear, with a white coat, a white balaclava and a bright red tactical vest; Solstice gives Thorne the same treatment, putting him in a red coat and a white beanie. Both were only available in the Holideadly bundle, released in Warzone Season 1, making them fairly uncommon.

4. Dark Vision

This Ghost skin was available only to players who completed several specific challenges with the operator in Modern Warfare's multiplayer mode. It dresses Ghost up in a hooded white jacket and a big scarf.

5. Dune Hunter

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Dune Hunter Mara puts her in desert fatigues and throws some dust on her face. It could only be unlocked by completing a series of challenges back in Season 1, and those challenges could only be unlocked by running through the first 100 tiers of the battle pass, making the skin exceedingly rare.