5 Reasons Why the Next Overwatch Hero Needs to be a Tank

Sigma, who is believed to be Overwatch Hero 31, has been teased recently in a tweet by the official Overwatch Twitter account. Fans have been speculating what role Sigma will be in Overwatch, as there have not been many clues given. However, it would be best if Sigma is a tank hero.

Here are five reasons why the next Overwatch hero needs to be a tank.

5. We Have Received The Least Amount of Tanks Since Launch

Currently in Overwatch, we have received four support heroes, three damage heroes, and only two tank heroes from updates since launch. There are already plenty of damage heroes, and there have been twice as many new additions to the support category as there have been for tanks. It would be nice to see another tank be added into Overwatch.

4. We Need Another Versatile Tank

The last addition to the tank category was Wrecking Ball, who was unique in that he could play the role of a main tank and an off tank at the same time. Because of this, he was often used as a solo tank with three damage heroes. However, with 2-2-2 lock coming soon, Wrecking Ball will surely see a dip in playtime. Having another tank hero who could fulfill the role of either a main tank or an off tank would be a welcome addition to Overwatch.

3. We Could See Another Fantastic Tank Pairing

Reinhardt is typically played with a Zarya. Likewise, Winston is often played with a D.Va and Orisa is usually played with a Roadhog. Wrecking Ball is a tank that often plays solo in competitive play, but has not been viewed as being a particularly good pairing with any of the tanks. It would be fantastic if Blizzard could make a new tank hero that could coordinate well with Wrecking Ball so that he will find more use in a 2-2-2 meta.

2. We Want to See a More Diverse Meta

Tanks in Overwatch have often defined the meta because they are arguably the most impactful role in the game. Because Orisa and Roadhog are currently so strong, it is likely that bunker compositions will be the new meta. A new tank addition could not only redefine the meta, but it could also allow for more options of counterplay. That way, switching between multiple tank combinations would be encouraged, as opposed to sticking with two tanks the entire game.

1. A New Tank Encourages Different Heroes to be Played

Tanks in Overwatch can largely govern what other players choose for their heroes. If a team decides to run Winston and D.Va, chances are that damage players will choose heroes like Genji, Tracer, and Doomfist. Support players would likely choose Lucio and Zenyatta. Adding a new tank to the game could encourage players to play less popular heroes in damage and support categories. Heroes such as Moira, Baptiste, Bastion, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Reaper, and Mei could potentially receive more attention if the new tank fits well with their play styles.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard