5 Takeaways From Valorant Masters: Reykjavik

Valorant Masters: Reykjavik has been the apple of nearly everyone's eye.
Valorant Masters: Reykjavik has been the apple of nearly everyone's eye. / Photo by Riot Games

With Valorant Masters coming to a close on May 31, with Fnatic and Sentinels facing off once more in the Grand Finals, Valorant fans have seen some truly jaw-dropping plays and performances, and many are excited to see what the future holds for the organizations, players, and everyone else involved in this grand experiment. That being said, with a major event like this, there are always some major takeaways to discuss, and that rings true for Valorant Masters.

5 Takeaways From Valorant Masters: Reykjavik

1. North America Reigns Supreme

If there's only one thing fans will remember from this tournament, it's that North America teams truly dominated. Sentinels has gone undefeated to snag a Grand Finals berth, and North America teams have won the most matches so far at Reykjavik. With North America being not much more than a punchline in other esports, it's great to see some massive success at a burgeoning esport. Speaking of which...

2. Valorant is Up Next

When Valorant's beta launched last year, people figured they would try to turn an esports angle with it, and they guessed right. Of course, seeing the success and popularity may have not been expected for some. Riot Games struck gold with League of Legends as the esport, and they might have done it again with Valorant. It's still early in the game's life, but expect to see far more of Valorant in the esports scene going forward.

3. Fnatic May Have the Best Young Phenom

Leading Fnatic is 18-year-old Nikita "Derke" Sirmitev, and fans might have not expected someone so young to take charge for an established esports organization. Derke has won MVP three times so far at Reykjavik, and with Fnatic facing Sentinels in the Grand Finals, the eyes are all on Derke as they hope to stop the unstoppable.

4. Agent Balancing is Definitely Needed

All 15 Agents have made an appearance at Reykjavik, but that doesn't mean it's all equal. High tier Agents like Jett, Sova, and Killjoy have been consistently selected, while lower options like Yoru have been basically ignored by the pros. A hero shooter like Valorant thrives on all options being viable, and making sure each Agent is suitable for both amateur and pro play is a priority.

5. Reykjavik Has Been a Massive Success

Even to the untrained eye, it clear that this tournament has been a massive success, both in terms of the event's popularity, and the great play we've seen from all competitors. Nearly every match brought some excitement, and having a success at a stage like this can only bring good things going forward into the future. Even if your favorite team didn't win, players should be glad, even optimistic because of what they've seen here at Masters.