5 Things Players Want in League of Legends Patch 10.5

Here are the give tings players want in League of Legends Patch 10.5.
Here are the give tings players want in League of Legends Patch 10.5. / Riot Games

With the release date for the next League of Legends patch coming soon, here are the five things players want in League of Legends Patch 10.5.

1. Ornn Nerfs

Ornn has become the undisputed king of top lane over the course of the previous several patches. Nerfs to rival top laners like Sett and buffs to one of Ornn's strongest items, Sunfire Cape, have propelled him into the spotlight.

Without changes in Patch 10.5, Ornn will become a pick or ban champion in high MMR games and professional play due to his strength after level 12 with upgraded Ornn items and the gold effeciency he provides for his teammates. Perhaps a slight weakening of Ornn's early game presence would be exactly what he needs to slow down his otherwise strong mid and late game scaling.

2. Jungle Experience Changes

The jungle has been broken for some amount of time, with only a handful of champions being viable due to the reworked gold and experience numbers offered by each camp. In an attempt to widen the jungle champion pool, Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, and others were buffed to encourage more players to jungle.

Unfortunately, most of those changes did little good as almost all the new junglers have a win rate under 40 percent. The problem with the jungle champion pool isn't due to a weakness in certain champions, rather it has to do with the way the new jungle operates. Less experience and gold from camps doesn't encourage junglers to farm their jungle more, but less. So junglers that can gank exceptionally well and have higher gold efficiency are the priority, like Elise, Sejuani, Lee Sin, and others.

Until jungle experience is changed, the newest additions to the jungle will never truly find their place.

3. A Balanced Wukong Rework

Players have been waiting to see the new Wukong hit Summoners Rift for some time, and it seems like that will finally happen in Patch 10.5. But the most important thing is that the champion comes out in an at least somewhat tuned state. Otherwise Wukong could become the next Akali.

The newest look at the champion highlights some interesting changes to Wukong's clone that allows him to mimic casts of his spells with the clone. This could make Wukong similar to an older form of LeBlanc, and even more deadly, with quadrupling armor and regeneration when surrounded by enemies. Getting the ratios right on Wukong could not be more important for this champion to have a successful release on Patch 10.5.

4. Support Item Changes

The top lane has recently been dominated by two healing supports and while nerfs have hit both of the champions, the underlying reason for their viability simply hasn't been touched. Soraka and Sona both could use Spellthief's Edge to farm gold from their melee opponents and hit their items quicker than almost any other champion in the game.

If the passive that existed on old Spellthief's Edge was added back to the item on Patch 10.5, it would prevent ranged mages from abusing the item in solo lanes and return it to the bot lane where healing supports and support items belong.

5. Significant Akali Changes

Akali has been one of the more difficult to balance champions in League of Legends for some time, with a kit that features large amounts of stealth and burst damage. With the gap between professional players and the average League of Legends player, that balancing act becomes even more difficult.

A serious change to either Akali's kit or itemization needs to happen before the champ can find a balanced state. A significant amount of professional players just advocate removing her from the game altogether. Either way, something needs to give because the current state of Akali simply isn't viable for the game.