5 Things that We Want to See In Valorant Patch 3.09

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

The next act of Valorant is fast approaching, and with it comes the long awaited Patch 3.09. With this will most likely come one of Valorant's biggest changes in a long while. Riot has seemingly kept Agent changes for this update, so it is expected that Patch 3.09 could bring some huge meta changes to Valorant.

Here are the five things players want to see when the next act drops with Patch 3.09

5 Things that We Want to See In Valorant Patch 3.09

1. Yoru Rework

This has been on every players patch wish list for months now, ever since a rework was announced. Many players have been hoping that they held off the rework for the new act, and while it may not be the most likely situation, it would be a great surprise for everyone's favorite duelist to finally become usable.

2. Tagging Speed

Tagging speed has been an issue in Valorant since its launch, and to this day has stayed a huge problem. The lack of mobility players have when shot, especially considering the corners of every wall in the game is made of paper, forces players to commit to gunfights, and can force players to die to wallbangs, not allowing them to move away from the gunfire. Making this speed to not hit players as hard would be a welcome change.

3. Run & Gun

The movement mechanics in Valorant are all quite the issue, as Run & Gun has been a cause of complaint in the community since the first time the game was played. The randomness of sprays in Valorant as well as the lack of penalty for some weapons like the Phantom or SMGs end up allowing for players to hit semi-consistent headshots while sprinting around the map. Making the movement and shooting mechanics more standardized and less random will only make for better gameplay overall.

4. Deadeye Release

The next Agent release in Valorant has been long awaited. No one knows what Deadeye is capable of, other than seeing teasers for him and what possibly is a gun that is involved in one of his abilities. It will be very interesting to see his abilities when the Agent launches, and hopefully those abilities will be on full display when Patch 3.09 comes out.

5. Sentinel Changes

Sentinels as a class have felt underwhelming aside from Killjoy for a while now. Cypher and Sage are map based picks at best, but otherwise should see very little playtime. Balancing out the category needs to be done. Whether that be through returning Sage to some of her former glory, or reworking Cypher's ultimate ability to not be a glorified Sova dart.