5 Things to Know Heading Into the Overwatch League Grand Final

The grand final for the second Overwatch League season is taking place on Sunday, Sept. 29 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The two grand finalists, San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans, will be facing against each other for $1.1 million, as well as the title of Overwatch League Grand Champion. Before you head into the finals, here's five thing that you should know before watching the finals.

5 Things to Know Heading Into the Overwatch League Grand Final

1. The Current Meta is Double Shield

The current Overwatch meta revolves around double shield compositions. Essentially every team runs Orisa and Sigma as their tanks. Because Orisa and Sigma are enormous characters with large hitboxes and lower health compared to most other tanks, Lucio and Moira are played in order to provide greater mobility, provide tremendous amounts of healing, as well as provide utility to push into enemy teams and survive devastating ultimates. Finally, Reaper and Doomfist are often chosen because of their ability to easily deal damage past shields and escape.

2. The Titans Have Found Their Footing

The Vancouver Titans are the first seed in the league. They have been widely considered to be the best team overall throughout the entire season. Having only lost two games throughout the entirety of the regular season, they were unstoppable during the GOATS meta. However, during stage four when role lock was introduced, they felt a bit lost, as they started to under-perform against several teams. However, once Sigma entered the game, the Titans have been able to consistently decimate the teams they have played against, with star performances on their Doomfist and Sigma players.

3. The Shock Went on a Tear in the Loser's Bracket

After narrowly losing to the Atlanta Reign in the Winner's Bracket, they were knocked into the loser's bracket and went on an absolute tear. They defeated the London Spitfire, Los Angeles Gladiators, Hangzhou Spark, and New York Excelsior 4-0, not dropping a single game. Coming into the grand final, they are carrying the momentum with them, and they are out for blood.

4. The Shock has the Most Diverse Roster in the League

The Shock have the most flexible players in the league, especially when it comes to their damage specialists. They have four players on their roster who can play damage at will, and some players are truly flexible and can play entirely different roles, such as Dong-jun "Rascal" Kim, who is known to play damage characters, as well as some supports such as Brigitte and Baptiste incredibly well.

5. Zedd Will be Performing

At the grand final, Anton "Zedd" Zaslavski, will be performing. The famous DJ has expressed a lot of interest in Overwatch, as he himself plays the game, and has gladly accepted the invitation to play at the Overwatch League finals. He will be playing some of his greatest hits throughout the course of the finals, and it seems that fans will be very interested.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard