5 Things We Don’t Want in League of Legends Patch 11.11

Just about one week until the new League of Legends patch, Patch 11.11. Patch 11.11 is expected to drop on Wednesday, May 26.

With a little more time on the horizon, let's take a look at a handful of things that we'd rather not see from Riot in this newest patch.

No Changes to Any Problematic Solo Queue Champions

League of Legends Bewitching Morgana. League of Legends Patch 11.11 5 things we don't want to see

Any extended amount of time playing against particularly busted solo queue makes the player realize just how busted certain champions can get. Furthermore, it's not against Riot's M.O. to let power picks dangle there for a little longer before they get hit with some nerfs.

For Patch 11.11, we would love to see Riot just tackle champs like Morgana - directly bringing up what went wrong and what they are going to do about it in this patch.

It's no issue to not hit every single power pick, it's simply not possible to do that in a single patch. It's when Riot stays completely silent or express no interest in changing any of the power picks that players begin to take issue.

More Lifelines for Tanks

There is no way that Riot will go ahead and buff tanks, but you never know. We truly believe however, that Riot has no reason to consider throwing in any more support for tank champions.

Tanks have remained increasingly oppressive with some excellent and busted item choices at there disposable. It is nearly impossible that Riot does anything regarding increasing the power of tanks, as players would go ballistic to see such changes.

Continued Sona Neglect

Poor Sona. Now it's easy to bag on Riot for neglecting a champion whose newer version is just about a better version of herself in everyway, but Riot has a lot going on. New projects, new champions, event ideas, planning, the works.

Riot has a lot on their plate so when a massive issue like the current state of Sona exists, it will take months to simply refocus and think of a new game plan. With that being said, ever since the inclusion of Seraphine, Sona feels left out to dry a little bit.

Sona was already a very niche pick, both in terms of solo queue and competitive play. Solo queue was a lane Sona always had trouble in, but became a competitive darling when paired with Taric in the bottom lane, making for an excellent hyper-defensive team fighting comp.

The future for Sona is uncertain, but hopeful. She remains in an interesting spot where she is not utterly unplayable, but is instead overshadowed by a champion too familiar to herself.

No Mastery Changes

While we are much more likely to see item changes take the center stage next patch, any mastery changes are welcome.

If Riot decides to completely hold back on changing any masteries fans will be disappointed. Masteries and changing them always provide decent shake-ups to the meta, and great changes to some of the more impactful masteries like Conqueror would be great.

Riot has already shown they are willing to make meta masteries malleable with the recent Phase Rush nerf.

No Item Changes

There is such a slim chance that not one item is changed, but it has been done before, so it must be noted.

Much like changing masteries, changing items come at a direct cost to the champions those items effect. A nerf to a powerful tank item means a nerf to the powerful tank, who is likely there because his tank item is powerful.

With that being said, zero item changes would make for a very stale patch, but it is super unlikely.