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5 Things We Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 11.21

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.21 is coming to servers Wednesday, Oct. 20. The new patch is taking a different direction as the previous patches have been heavily competitive oriented. With the League of Legends World Championship currently ongoing, Patch 11.21 looks to finally put the average player on the forefront.

With the patch preview for 11.21 being recently released, here are five things we want in League of Legends Patch 11.21.

5 Things We Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 11.21

1. Viego Resets to Return

Viego is getting a buff for reasons people aren't sure. Regardless, we hope that these buffs don't re-create the resetting monster in the jungle that we are well acquainted with already.

2. Assassins to Run us Down

Assassins are running players down and the upcoming patch will finally nerf Goredrinker. This won't impact AP assassins however which are still prevalent. Patch 11.21 will likely see assassins become a little less strong, but only time will tell if they finally stop dominating the meta.

3. Yuumi Overload

Yuumi has become an overbearing part of our experience on the Summoner's Rift once again. The champion is zooming through enemies and causing mayhem for players, and we hope that Riot puts a leash on her soon.

4. Akshan Disappearing

Akshan has been a weird champion in terms of his balance and popularity since he has been released. The upcoming patch sees a nerf to a champion that has struggled to become a staple in the meta, and hopefully the nerf does not permanently keep him out of our games.

5. Graves Top

Graves top is a recent innovation taking advantage of his lane bullying capabilities. A nerf is in sight for Patch 11.21, hopefully bringing him back into his regular destination - the jungle.