5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 2.09

We definitely don't want these changes in Patch 2.09
We definitely don't want these changes in Patch 2.09 / Photo by Riot Games

With Valorant, there have been changes made to the game that have been both good and bad for the game and its players. Naturally, with a game as big as Valorant, different players are going to want different things. Of course, there are some things that all players can agree upon. Here's what we don't want in Valorant's upcoming Patch 2.09.

1. No Unneccessary Buffs

Valorant Jett Red
Jett definitely doesn't need a major buff in Patch 2.09 / Photo by Riot Games

Right now, most Agents in Valorant are pretty competitive, and it's hard to pick out anyone who has a hard time carrying their own weight (Yoru being the primary exception.) The game doesn't need many buffs to Agents right now, so minor fixes are the best option.

2. No Unnecessary Nerfs

Valorant Viper Black
With the game's current meta, very few Agents need nerfs / Photo by Riot Games

On the other side of the coin, there shouldn't be too many major nerfs, either. If the game is in a good spot, and players are happy with how it is, then keeping things as they is for the best. If it ain't broke, right?

3. Don't Let Replication Suck

Riot Games has recently announced a new game mode for Valorant, titled Replication. There are very few details out right now, but it seems that the primary function of the game mode is either all ten players using the same Agent, or some quirk where the abilities of the Agents are magnified in some way. With a new game mode like this, Riot will have to work to make sure it isn't too frustrating, confusing, or boring for players.

5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 2.09

4. Not Fixing Deathmatch

Fans have long been asking for changes being made to the Deathmatch mode in Valorant, and will surely be disappointed if another patch comes and goes without any fixes. Even something as simple as reducing the respawn timer to one second would be a massive improvement, especially if Riot wants this game mode to remain viable.

5. Ignoring Community Requests

This one is a little more vague, but it may be the most important on this list. When a game has a massive community like Valorant, the developer needs to listen to what the players want, and that hasn't always been the case with Valorant. Going forward, if Riot wants Valorant to be the best it can be, it should take community requests more seriously, and work with community members on improvements to the game.