5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 3.09

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the next big Valorant Patch dropping with the release of the next act, people have begun to get very excited over the new additions to the game, Deadeye, along with many new changes to existing characters, guns, and mechanics in game.

However, there are equally as many afraid that their favorite Agent will get nerfed or players who simply wish to see things removed or not added to the game at all. Here are five of the things players don't want to see in Valorant Patch 3.09.

5 Things We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 3.09

1. Jett Nerfs Undone

Well Jett mains, you should be worried. Riot seemingly accidentally released nerfs for the Agent Jett when they didn't mean to, or at least earlier than they meant to. Issue is, the community at large loves these changes. They feel she is now more in line with the rest of the characters, and they aren't wrong. The changes to her movement abilities make her less likely to fly over your head and wreak your day, and her updraft money change forces her to use it more sparingly. Fans want to see this change stay in place, and although it may not hopefully Riot will add other changes eventually.

2. Deadeye Releases Overpowered

With Deadeye scheduled to release very soon, players are very excited to see the newest addition to Valorant's cast. However, some are scared he may release too strong. Some games, such as Apex Legends with Seer, have released their new characters extremely strong, to the detriment of the rest of the cast. No one knows what Deadeye will do yet, so everyone is a bit nervous about how he will play once he enters the game. Hopefully he fits right in with the rest of the Agents and many find their new main without him completely ruining the meta.

3. Continued Lack of Controller Diversity

The controller category has 4 characters, but there are clear options for who to choose. Astra and Viper are really the only two worth even looking at. Omen and Brim have lagged behind for months now, and this needs to change. There are rumored Omen buffs to both his ultimate and flash on the horizon, but those are just rumors. If they do turn out to be true Omen could see himself usable again, but it would still be hard to see him in contention with Astra or Viper. Brimstone simply serves no purpose compared to the other 3. He has the least range on his smokes, and the rest of his kit is incredibly weak as well. He needs huge buffs or a rework before even having the player base consider using him again. Seeing this situation stay the same would be a mistake by Valorant, and they need to make sure that the issues in this category of character do not rear their head in Patch 3.09.

4. More Skye Nerfs

After lowering the power of Skye's flashes in a recent update, Riot said they would monitor her for any potential successive changes. However, after players have seen and used her in the current patch, most will agree she is in a good spot. She is still powerful, but no longer trots the line between duelist and initiator. Now, she has to play much more off teammates than herself, but does find extreme value in every part of her kit. Her flashes are still amazing and also give insane information, as dog her dog and ultimate. She is a near must pick in many team comps, but that is right where she should be right now.

5. 2 Stack High Elo Competitive

One of the most controversial decisions Valorant ever made was to reduce the team que size to two players at higher ranks. This prevented five stacking teams of insane players early in the game's lifecycle. However, there has always been push back on this, and now more than ever. People want to play with their friends, and this change forced them to not be able to. This has increased smurfing so that players at high ranks can play together, and overall lowered the level of fun high ranked players can have in competitive. Getting rid of this restriction, or at least creating separate queues for five stacks and non-five stacks would be really good to see, and would fix a lot of matchmaking problems in the game currently.