5 Things We Want in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

The ending of a Fortnite season always starts the conversation of what players would like to see in the new season.
The ending of a Fortnite season always starts the conversation of what players would like to see in the new season. / Photo By Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 has gotten mixed reviews and has generally caused a lot of top content creators to leave the game whether skill-based matchmaking was giving them troubles, having 15 players alive after the first zone, or simply they lost the passion for the game that they had in 2017 when Fortnite first came out.

There have been some bright spots throughout the Chapter 2 seasons and Epic Games has definitely ramped up changes throughout the past couple weeks, but let's break down the changes we want to see in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

5 Things We Want in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

More Movement

Rift to Go Item
Rift to Go Item / Photo By Epic Games

In Chapter 1 Season 9, Epic Games added in the wind tunnels that allowed players to fly all over the map. Adding these back will allow players easier and earlier rotations which should help prevent lobbies from dying out during the first zone. There is not much worse than playing Solos and having 15 players alive after the first zone has closed. Right now, there is no reason for players to land on the corners of the maps because there are not enough feasible ways to rotate into zone. This means a good portion of the lobby has to contest Doom's Domain or Stark Industries to guarantee an easy rotation. The Rift-to-Go is another item that should be unvalued to help solve the rotation problems in the game.

Vault the Vaults

The Vaults were a fun addition to the game in Chapter 2 Season 2, but they have done their time and now it is time to vault the vaults. A contributing factor to lobbies dying out so quickly is that a lot of players are only dropping in parts of the island that contain vaults. With only one keycard being permitted to open the vault, the rest of the players that contested the drop are either eliminated or bail on the POI. There is also the situation of players hiding outside the vault and waiting for the player with the keycard to begin opening the vault and then eliminating that player. If vaults were no longer in the game, it would disperse the lobby and allow more people to survive past the first three minutes of the game.

Bring Back Some Old POIs

Frosty Flights POI
Frosty Flights POI / Photo By Epic Games

Tilted Towers. The Block. Viking Village. Frosty Flights. These were all POIs that made Fortnite fun. There is too much "nothing" on the map right now. The top left corner where The Shark used to be and now replaced by Coral Cove is almost never landed at because of the scarcity of loot and rotating through the water leaves players vulnerable to opponents on shore. The community misses some of these old POIs that dispersed the lobby. Allowing for players to experience different drops. It is near impossible right now to land bottom right corner of the map on the little island and rotate, against the current and up the massive hills. Feed the nostalgia from the old map and bring back some of the fan favorites.

Bigger Lobbies

Warzone has stolen a lot of Fortnite's thunder because of the constant action in the game. If Epic Games is not going to bring more movement into the game, at least add bigger lobbies. Even if it is not the full 150 players, let's try out 125 and see how the servers will handle it. More action into the game will allow for better end zones and a more sense of accomplishment when claiming a Victory Royale. There is not the same sense of joy after winning a game when there are only 15 players left after the first zone. Adding in bigger lobbies will create more chaos and fun as players battle for the Victory Royale.

Fix the Buy Back System

Vending Machines
Vending Machines / Photo By Epic Games

The current Reboot Van system is past its prime. It was awesome when Fortnite implemented rebooting players back from the dead, but that initial honeymoon phase is over. The inability to build around the van paired with the alarm that goes off after players have been revived leaves every team vulnerable to attack. It would be awesome if Epic Games took their old vending machine system and used that to buy players back. Instead of standing on a van for 10 seconds, let teammates exchange a designated number of materials in order to get their teammates back. That would be a fun way to reboot players while still staying true to old Fortnite ways of spending materials for weapons.