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5 Things We Want in League Of Legends Patch 11.10

Arcana Lucian
Arcana Lucian / Courtesy of Riot Games

In anticipation of the upcoming patch in League of Legends, it's about time that we start thinking about the things that we want that'll make the game better for the players. Mark Yetter, Riot's Gameplay Design Director gave fans a look at some upcoming changes that they're planning.

There looks to be some major changes that'll improve the jungle role and help widen the champion pool, so junglers should be looking forward to the future of the game.

Here's a list of five things we want in League of Legends Patch 11.10.

5 Things We Want in League Of Legends Patch 11.10

New Skins

The recent cosmetic improvements to League have been out of this world. In 11.10 expect more with the new Arcana skins that not only look extremely cool but feature some really sweet VFX.

New Punishment System

Players trolling, going AFK, and dodging at high ELO is a major issue that currently isn't penalized as hard as it should. There aren't many players to occupy those games already so playing down a man isn't fair to anyone. Under their new plan, these players who attempt to maintain their MMR by cheating the system will be heavily penalized.

New Dr. Mundo

The Mundo rework is on the way and it may be quite interesting to see a change come into the tank role. With how powerful tank items are at the current moment a new rework to his kit might make him a viable pick in the top lane

Less Omnivamp Across The Board

Omnivamp is a powerful tool to combat against the extremely high damage output in the current game. But high damage output means a lot of healing. If Omnivamp was lowered and damage was lowered to compensate we'd see a much more balanced game.

Mejai's Soulstealer Nerf

Mages are terrorizing the Rift because of the insane AP that players are gaining from this insanely broken item. With a max of up to 25 stacks and 5 AP per stack, players are easily putting together huge amounts damage. This is easily the most broken item in the entire game and hopefully in the next patch we'll see a nerf that'll change that.