5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.11

PROJECT: Sejuani
PROJECT: Sejuani / courtesy of Riot Games

We're exactly ten days away from the release of League of Legends' newest patch, Patch 11.11, with players dying to get their hands on these new PROJECT skins.

Regardless of what exciting new skins are to come, here's a bucket list of 5 things we would like to see for the next League patch.

Meaningful Shifts in Power

Pretty ordinary thing to say as a wish for a tier list, but with the changes we got out of Patch 11.10, proper meaningful shifts in power would be very welcome.

Patch 11.10 saw no significant changes for any individual champion, but a massive change did come about via the Phase Rush nerf, indirectly nerfing many champions who previously loved utilizing that mastery.

Nerfing the Solo Queue Nightmares

League of Legends
Katarina is banned a lot in solo queue, being the twelfth most banned champion in Patch 11.10 / statistic courtesy of Champion.gg

Last patch saw Katarina given the old "minus the movement speed by 5" treatment, a welcome but meme-y nerf at that. As said in the 11.10 rundown, the 5 MS will matter once more meaningful changes are doled out to our duel wielding assassin. A direct hit to Kat's damage or cooldowns could really bring her down a peg, and when combined with the movement speed nerf, Katarina players are sure to feel the changes.

On top of hits to Katarina, hits to the likes of months-old power picks like Hecarim, Udyr, Diana, Morgana are all things that should be considered.

New PROJECT-themed PvE Event??

League of Legends PROJECT skin. New project skins league of legends. Project renekton. Project renekton league of legends
PROJECT: Renekton / courtesy of Riot Games

Now it goes without saying that with the release of the PROJECT skins, there will most definitely be an event. With any set of new skins released that is part of one of Riot's themes, an event with a battle pass is sure to come about.

If we are talking wish list here, fans would love to see a revisit into the PvE style of The Odyssey update way back in the fall of 2018. The Doom Bots-esque feel to the wackiness of the abilities was super fun, and a welcome idea that Riot should build on and allow to evolve.

This is most certainly a wish more than anything, as the PBE has been live for nearly a week and there has been no word on any PvE game mode of the sort.

Champions that have been left out for the dogs should get some attention in this newest patch, let's hope. Someone like Ryze for example, who after the Phase Rush nerf feels even worse than he did before, which was not stellar to begin with.

Riot showing some love to the underrepresented champions could be really nice, and it's something we are seeing more and more of as of late. Riot has been making it a point to bring out old picks from the dead as of late. The balance team have even been repurposing champions that are relevant in one role, to then buff them to the moon to make them strong for a different role.

Some More Client Support

It seems to be a meme at this point to complain about the League of Legends client. While the current state of it has been far from perfect, there have not been any glaring issues that directly ruin gameplay.

Just a few weeks ago Riot had announced that they are working to improve the client with new features and tweaks sure to bring out a better experience.