5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.12

Dr. Mundo's Corporate skin after the VGU
Dr. Mundo's Corporate skin after the VGU / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.11 has been live for nearly a week, which means that Patch 11.12 is soon to come. 

Apart from the new Dr Mundo VGU update: the champion itself, his skins, etc. Riot hasn’t announced what other changes are to come. In that case, here are five things we want in League of Legends Patch 11.12

Continued Nerfing to the Jungle Trio of Morgana, Udyr and Rumble

It’s no secret that during Patch 11.10 this trio of Morgana, Udyr and Rumble were the golden triumvirates of junglers. Although Udyr did receive nerfs prior to 11.11, and both Morgana Rumble received nerfs in 11.11, chances are these champions will most likely continue to remain at the top. 

In that same wavelength, we’d like for these champions to receive continued nerfing. Because if Udyr’s nerfs were any indication, they will still keep performing well.

Allow Jungle Champions to Succeed

To go with our pleads for the jungle trio to be nerfed, in return, we’d want other jungle champions to be either left alone or be looked at. Alongside Rumble and Morgana, two other junglers got nerfed, Elise and Lee Sin. As of right now, Elise hasn’t been in the best of states, making a nerf on this champion confusing. But when looking at Lee Sin, this nerf makes more sense. The champion has been a menace in not just the jungle but in the top and mid lane. 

We’d like to see other champions get to be in the spotlight in the jungle role.

Thrust Mundo Into the Limelight

The new Dr. Mundo releases with this patch, and as League of Legends players know champion reworks can be hit or miss. It’s unlikely this new rework will be a miss due to its creative and frankly, strong-looking kit. But in the case that it’s not a hit, we’d like to see Riot make sure that he sticks around at least somewhat. His overall kit is refreshing and looks engaging.

A Nerf to Leona Wouldn’t Hurt

Leona is by far one of, if not, the most oppressive support in the game right now. With a total of three different CC abilities, coupled with her unbridled tankiness, this champion is a menace in the Rift. Her W - Eclipse did receive a slight nerf but it didn’t deal with her toughness, just a slap on the wrist for the base damage it deals. In that case, we’d like to see Riot look at this champion more in-depth as it’s strong in all aspects of the game, be it normal or ranked games.

Bring Variety in the Bottom Lane

Apart from the jungle, the bottom lane (both AD Carry and support) seem to suffer from a similar dilemma. Both of the roles tend to not have much of a wide variety when it comes to picks. We’d like Riot to address that in someway, be it nerfs or buffs to specific champions.