5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 12.5

Image courtesy of Riot Games

We've put together a list of five things we want in League of Legends Patch 12.5. The next patch update is scheduled to be launched on March 2. As usual, this will bring item and champion changes to balance the game. Additionally, players will witness the arrival of new skins for the Bees! Universe as well as a possibility of a new event since the end date of the Lunar Revel 2022 is close.

With Patch 12.5, here are five things we want in the League of Legends update.

5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 12.5

1. Renata Glasc Nerf

With the arrival of the Chem-Baroness to fog things up on Summoner's Rift, the new support champion has been a terrifying opponent to fight against. With her W ability, Bailout, she grants her ally more attack and movement speed toward the enemy team. If the teammate kills the enemy, the buff duration is reset. However, if her ally dies while Bailout is still in effect, they are revived with 3 seconds of burning health. Then, the ally can stop the burn by enemy takedown. It seems that players are getting frustrated as they try to fight back.

2. Champion Rework

Nearly a month ago, Riot Games announced the champions for the next VGU update and Skarner won by a landslide. With lots of potential to become a great champion, fans are excited for what's to come. On the other hand, it's important to note that there are one too many champions that are in need of a rework.

3. Lux Nerf

Lux has been a popular pick as a support champion for players looking to dominate in the bot lane. It's no surprise because she's a safe choice that can bail out their ally in most tough situations. With her damage that's way too high for how easy her skills are to land, players are having trouble countering her.

4. Adjustments to Current Meta

Riot Games has been hard at work to provide patch updates in order to balance the game. Even with this, certain champions and items are way too powerful while others are rarely used. Especially with their tendency to initially release overpowered champions, it'd be great to see some adjustments to change the game up.

5. New Skins for More Champions

In Patch 12.5, the Bee line skins will be available along with other updates. Even though Riot has been releasing lots of skins for players to buy through their Lunar Revel and Shockblade skins, gamers are still hoping that other champions will be appreciated and put in the spotlight. It's clear that some have less customized skins than others.