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5 Things We Want in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.11.0

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Fans are already looking forward to Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.11.0, even though Patch 2.10.0 only recently dropped. This is for good reason - Riot Games has promised players a whole lot to look forward to in this next patch, and expectations are soaring high, especially after the disappointing balance changes in Patch 2.9.0.

In a Reddit post by Riot Dovagedys on June 2, Riot responded to players' concerns and promised "a large batch of card updates, including updates to both older champions and non-champion cards," in Patch 2.11.0. This patch is also scheduled for the third Empires of the Ascended mini-expansion, Rise of the Underworlds, so players are hoping that between balance changes and new cards, this patch can greatly shake up the metagame.

Here are five things we want in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.11.0.

5 Things We Want in Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.11.0

1. Fun and Balanced New Champions

League of Legends Pyke
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The three new champions to release in Rise of the Underworlds are confirmed via leaks to be Pyke, Rek-sai, and Ekko. The previous few champion releases have struggled with balance, with Irelia shooting to the top of the meta upon release, and champions like Taliyah, Malphite, and Zilean lagging far behind. We want new champions that are fun to play with a more balanced power level.

2. Nerfs to Azir/Irelia

Legends of Runeterra Azir
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Azir/Irelia deck has dominated the Legends of Runeterra ranked ladder for far too long, warping the metagame around it and pushing out control strategies. Its novel play pattern makes it incredibly difficult to counter. Even though the deck received two nerfs in Patch 2.9.0, it has remained at the top. More balance changes are a must to bring the metagame back to a healthier state.

3. Nerfs to Trundle/Lissandra

Legends of Runeterra Lissandra
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Trundle/Lissandra Watcher combo is another deck with a problematic play pattern that shifts the metagame. It has existed since Lissandra's release in Patch 2.3.0 and has not received any changes since. The deck's ability to put out multiple copies of its win condition, The Watcher, on turns eight or nine shuts down opposing control strategies and feels unable to play against.

4. Buffs to Underused Champions and Cards

Legends of Runeterra Lux
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

At the same time that the community wishes for nerfs, we also want buffs to underused strategies. Many players have lamented the lack of balance patches with dozens of buffs at once, which were once the norm in Legends of Runeterra and have since disappeared. Champions like Lux, Heimerdinger, Taric, Aphelios, Zilean, and Katarina are currently underplayed and deserve a buff.

5. Lower Skin Prices

Legends of Runeterra Pool Party Taliyah
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot has released skins for the first time in the recent few patches, and while most players love the quality of the new art, the community consensus is that the price points are too high. The prices of 700 coins for a skin with no level-up animation and 1,290 coins for a skin with a level-up animation (but no new VFX or voiceover) are disappointing. We want skins that are either more polished for the same price, or cheaper altogether.