5 Things We Want in PUBG Console Update 4.4

Here are five things we want in the next PUBG update
Here are five things we want in the next PUBG update /

PUBG Update 4.3 arrived in the game at the start of the month, but by its very nature as a game-as-service PUBG must ever improve. Here are five additions we hope to see in the next update to hit the game.

1. The Riot Shield

The riot shield appeared in a trailer PUBG Corp debuted at E3 2018, more than a year ago now. Since then, the developer has been silent on the prospect of a riot shield coming to PUBG. While a riot shield doesn't seem particularly useful in PUBG, putting it in a trailer only to forget about it is a strange move from PUBG Corp. The developer should follow through and add this weapon to the game.

2. Better Map Selection Algorithm

Though the fight for direct map selection is all but ended, there are still improvements PUBG Corp can add to the automatic matchmaking's map selection. As is, there seems very little in place to prevent repeat maps, or to balance the map distribution in general. Adjusting the process to keep a healthier balance would make players more satisfied in general with matchmaking.

3. Move the DBS Out of Care Packages

The DBS may be a powerful shotgun, but shotguns in PUBG are rarely useful beyond the early game. Putting the DBS in care packages forces players to either pick it up outside the early game and replace another, more versatile weapon, or to abandon a care package they earned. Moving it to standard loot, even if it stays rare, would help increase its use cases.

4. Increase BP Quantity Purchases

Despite displaying plus and minus quantity buttons in the purchase screen, PUBG doesn't allow players to buy more than one 10,000 BP unit per transaction. This should be an easy fix, but the developer has left it off the table for months.

5. Fix for Weather Disparities

Players have discovered that two players in the same game can experience different weather conditions. This can lead to one player being obscured by fog even as they have a clear, sunny sightline on their opponent. PUBG Corp has stated it is aware of the problem, but has yet to add a fix or take steps to mitigate the bug as it is. A fix ought to be included in the next patch.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp