5 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 1.08

Valorant Patch 1.08 could introduce more Sage Nerfs
Valorant Patch 1.08 could introduce more Sage Nerfs / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.08 is a big patch in many ways as Valorant Patch 1.07 made huge adjustments to Sage and Viper. One agent has been the best the other, the worst. Adjustments made in the upcoming patch could see more adjustments to these agents.

With that in mind, here are five things we Want in Valorant patch 1.08.

5 Things we Want in Valorant Patch 1.08

1. Sage Nerfs

Sage was nerfed in Valorant Patch 1.07 as her Healing was reduced from 100 over 5 seconds to 60 over 5 seconds and self-heal was reduced from 100 over 5 seconds to 60 over 10 seconds. The next change could be too Sage's revive, perhaps making the process longer or only healing to 50 as opposed to 100.

2. Viper Buffs

Viper somehow managed to be the worst agent for several patches but after Valorant Patch 1.07 she finally is gaining more relevance. Her Toxic Screen, Decay and Vipers pit were buffed in the previous patch so there is a chance there are minor adjustments to those abilities and to Snakebite, which remained untouched. It could see a boost in damage or a wider splash radius.

3. Judge Nerfs

The Judge became one of the most hated guns in the game due to its damage output and frustrating accuracy in close range. The shotgun's price was increased but the damage remained the same. A change in magazine capacity or small reduction in damage may balance the gun out even more.

4. Continued Work on Killjoy

Killjoy clearly still needs work as developers iron out the kinks in her kit expect more changes to her other abilities. After several weeks of game play Nanoswarm was adjusted along with her turret. Her ultimate ability seems to be in a good place but there could be damage changes to her Alarmbot which is similar to Raze's Boombot.

5. Guardian Accuracy Changes

The Guardian serves as a middle ground between the AR's and the Snipers. It is supposed to excel at a long range but in exchange for firing speed, the damage is reduced. However, shooting in the ADS mode can be extremely inaccurate and since close range fights are more frequent than long-distance fights, perhaps sacrificing firing speed for more accuracy is on the horizon.