5 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 1.12

5 things we want in Valorant patch 1.12.
5 things we want in Valorant patch 1.12. | Riot Games

Five things we want in Valorant patch 1.12 include some changes to very popular agents.

Valorant is in Act 3 which is Valorant's version of seasons. Act 3 has brought a new map in Icebox, and soon a new agent in Skye. Skye will be an exciting release, as she has an interesting kit which includes the ability to heal allies in an area of effect skill. The game's newest map, Icebox, has been released to some critical acclaim, as Riot Games is still trying to pin down in development exactly what makes a great map.

Let's get into what we would like to see in Patch 1.12.

5 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 1.12

1) Jett Nerfs

Jett is still one of the most broken agents in the game, and reducing her power could be positive for the game's competitive balance.

2) Viper Changes

Riot keeps buffing Viper, and she keeps underperforming. She's got a high skill ceiling, but she needs even more help to become a top tier agent.

3) Killjoy Buffs

Killjoy has one of the most unique kits in the game, but she is not in a great spot right now. Upping her damage output slightly could make her more useful.

4) Smoother Rollout

Patch 1.11 was a disaster. Maybe the next patch could be rolled out more smoothly and not require hitting the emergency eject button.

5) Skin Sale

Valorant skins are already way too expensive in comparison to other shooters, and a sale is always nice.